post convention, creativity in heaps and a recipe to celebrate fall!




it seems hard to believe, but we’ve already been back from convention for several weeks and our heads are still spinning. 


new projects!

christina and i are busy applying as many things as possible from the myriad of inspirations and ideas we came back with. for starters we are in the midst of putting together some very, very cool new clay, pottery or glass fusing birthday packages for kids and grown-ups alike: one will be with clay necklace/keyring pendants. and the others—well, you’ll just have to come by and see it for yourself. maybe you’ll just book a party...even if it's not your birthday.


pictures vs words

while at convention, we couldn't stop taking pictures. they are currently being sifted through and corralled into an impressions album. look for loads of neat inspirations and some pretty fun stuff (not all of it having to do with pottery.)


convention madness in charleston, sc

every morning, we hopped out of bed at the crack of dawn-it was still dark outside--in septemter!!, inhaled breakfast while networking with other attendees and suppliers, ran across to the convention center, notepad in one hand, precariously balanced second cup of coffee in the other and divided and conquered: we attended every seminar, technique or business class, presentation and lecture we could, crossing paths only when madly dashing along those endless corridors from one seminar room to the other, eating something akin to a lunch while listening to another presentation, back to three more classes, dinner, and one last panel discussion(!), back to our hotel room around 11:00 PM, compare notes, jot down first ideas and then ... collapsed in a heap around midnight. the next morning, same routine, different subjects. at the end of it all we were exhausted, exhilarated and tingling with new ideas! it was truly worth every minute--to make our favorite, beloved even better! 

at the end, a five hour schlep on the freeway back to the airport, hauling about a dozen heavy pieces of luggage seriously overstuffed with new brushes, silk screens, samples, pottery goodies, catalogs, convention hand outs, manuals, etc etc etc and one bee-u-tiful hand thrown pottery salad bowl i had won in the raffle. (and i could be seen wearing on my head. ok. i was very, very happy i had won it!!)  

there was nary a sound to be heard from our seat row on the endless flight back to switzerland.


what's up?

visit us soon -- for early holiday gift creating, ladies' night and art pottery painting with laura. explore and discover the various offerings over in the appropriate departments of this web site!


celebrating fall

in this blog you'll also find my all-time favorite, super easy family pumpkin pie recipe--no canned pumpkin required! i get my pumpkins directly from gossweilers' farm, gockhauserstrasse 36, 8600 dübendorf. they're friends, their pumpkins are the best and they grow a huge variety!!! feels almost like seattle... 


so here goes, better go fetch that apron of yours ;-) have fun baking and send me pictures! (tastes would be nice, too, of course...),


oh, wait!

we just unpacked the first pallet of new shapes, some of which are perfect for the holidays! and you better come by after november 7th, too, when we'll launch this year's sweet holiday deal!

9as the carolinians taught us: happy fall y'all!





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