Meet the Team...

Our team is made up of motivated, creative, helpful women, happy and proud to welcome you. Here's a little bit about each of us. Everyone does everything at the studio and has undergone comprehensive training before starting to work independently, thus learning a lot about every aspect of painting pottery, glazes, kiln handling, etc.

Rose Haechler Galle

Ms fire-works discovered pottery painting at the age of 12. In her other life she is a translator who lived in Seattle, USA, from 1979 - 2002. She founded the studio because she whole-heartedly believes that everyone should have easy access and the opportunity to experiencing their creativity--without judgement or comparing. And of course she herself truly loves everything about painting pottery.


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Christina Lüthy

Our studio manager, who, in a fomer life, has lived both in Australia and Canada, hosts the legendary, fun  ladies' nights and kills in the kitchen.

Nicole Gugerli

In her spare time, she organizes x-mas markets and visits mideaval fairs with her family, and at the studio she paints the cutest plates!

Selina Zürrer

Meet our new intern! She is the most incredible addition to our team, having completed her arts studies at the Zurich Art School. Welcome, happy to have you!

Louise Gooding

Our newest team member has immediately  been crowned Creative Queen... as she also comes from England. Come in and make welcome Louise!

Judit Koszka

Originally from Hungary, our dedicated part-timer can also be found at the Zurich Opera house in her spare time. And at the studio, she's always smiling.

Lara Schilling

Our 'kid' who successfully jumps from high towers into cold water, studies for her Swiss Matura and has painted at the studio since she was 7 or 8!

Melinda Persey

We call her Daktari Girl ;-) She works full-time at an international company and spends her evenings and week-ends with her animals or at the studio.




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