How it works...

Step 1.

Pick your piece.....


You choose a ceramic piece from our broad selection of items.


Step 2.

Paint it....


We provide everything that you need to create and decorate your project.

Step 3.

Let us do the rest....


You hand us your completed masterpiece and we glaze and fire it with the utmost care.




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Simply put, you are creative and we do everything else...

Our shelves are chuck full of more than 300 different items to choose from. You will find everything from espresso cups to kitchen tiles and from salad bowls to hand picked seasonal gifts.


Once you have chosen your item(s), you settle in at one of the tables in our bright, cheerful studio and start painting—until you finish, no matter how long it takes.


First-timers at our studio enjoy a thorough and personable introduction by our friendly staff. Repeat-painters look forward to our continually growing and changing selection of products, paints and techniques. Our item prices are all-inclusive, no studio fees, etc.


Need inspiration? Check out our dozens of painted examples or browse through our extensive book selection. Outside of straight forward painting, our techniques range from soap-bubbles to stamping to silk screening. But there is way more than that to choose from.


And then there are the more than seventy different shades of paint.


Our paint products are made in Italy, certified non-toxic, they do not stain and clean up with cold water. No need to wear protective clothing.


Pottery is a natural product. Little irregularities are character traits.


And, yes, we offer birthday and other parties, special events, classes and other fun stuff


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Das sagen unsere Kundinnen und Kunden:

Tobias Angehrn

Tolle Sache. Hatte sicher 15 Jahre keinen Pinsel mehr in der Hand vorher - die Tasse ist super geworden.

Gerne wieder!


Yvonne Schmid-Spickmann

Bis in Aargau esch glieferet worde!!!

Ihr sind wörkli di Beschte! Mer freued eus ufs Male!!! 🐞🥰


Louise Gooding

Awesome idea!

We are truly creating something of lasting value while stuck at home! Thanks!


Carol Tomasciewicz

I love this idea!

Now my kids can make really creativegifts for everyone! Big thanks to the team


Julia Krone

Vielen, vielen Dank, jetzt fällt uns die Decke nicht auf den Kopf.

Ich bin richtig dankbar, dass ich jetzt mit den Kindern auch zuhause Keramik malen kann


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