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creative fun in Dübendorf
birthday combo
birthday group
group at paint events
dracula for breakfast
awcz bubbles holiday painting
familien anlass im studio
paris eiffel tower cake platter
large stamp cool plate
dad w girl
IMG_9067 (1)
marmorierter teller - technik
awcz holiday bell painting
awcz holiday painting
awcz proud holiday painter
baby footprint making
bird feeder
bubble wrap bee plate - 2 layers paint
classy leaves
composition w dragons, soap bubbles 7 bi
zwaerge muesli mushroom house
my kid did this
different leaves
joy to the world
holidays welcome
happy holidays
kids hand holding brush
baumschmuck tree ornaments
unterwasser underwater nachher after
unterwasser underwater feriencamp vorher
girl painting
two kids plate w critters
toucan plate
proud painter w_large bowl
photo-38 Dragon
owl handprint on 4 sm plates
multi layered tropical class
kids hand holding brush
image1 2
dotted design cups and plates
Facebook monster
family event
round birthday
edelweiss with your muesli?
birthday party
silk screen patterns
baby's first steps
pam braunschweig raku
farewell party for a dear friend
bernese oberland
our first four samples!
holiday gifts
tea for four -- group event
opening our kiln
looking pretty yummy, no?
skateboarder - wow!
yours and mine
nata's very first studio sample
all 120 people signed!
snow puff paint detail
deviled eggs for easter brunch
dotted muesli
tutti fruity confetti/group event
shabbat shalom
bruna hauert's very first bowl
inside bruna hauert's cup cake
special order
matching customer's table cloth
it's a puzzlement ;-)
kickback to the 70's
mom and dad drink espresso
kindergarten  farewell
dotty frogs
teacher farewell gift
flowers blooming everywhere
check out the hand writing!
baby gifts
WOW teapot
kim's holiday gift
nata's first sample glazed and fired
bruna hauert bowl detail
thank you, deborah
an apple a day...
first boyfriend
paper reveal technique
kindergarten farewell gift
sailing, sailing
christmassy kiln
the best gifts are made right here
tuscany awaiting
group project
cup against the blues
first sample cups glazed and fired
6 yr old painting with confetti
moni is painting
our welcoming committee
heart 4 sonja
sponge ad writer bottle technique
this frog is sitting in a flower pot
candle stick elements
clay class 2010
dish-towers at our entrance
two sides to everything
dolphin swimming in the blue
lara's first cup, 2005 or 6
baby's room
happy easter!
teacher farewell gift -- wow!
marimekko inspired
a hungarian in zurich
miriam's gift
tiger for tea!
the official studio monsters
small steps in the green grass
tiger up close
flaming love
silk screen
i! want! more! cookies!
nom nom nom
tiny penguin foot
movie night
blue dino,  now extinct
sylvia, the studio angel
tuscan villages, freehanded!
little swiss tiger slippers
pam braunschweig raku
i see you!
silk screen
cave art
family celebration
little klee
laura kingsley class
miriam's gift
tiles for your bathroom? why not?
zentangle elephant
dotty border
let's have tea together
sahara sunset by nicole guesser
Alessandra's mendi cup
espresso set w konfetti
bridal shower/group
teacher gifts w/ finger prints
building the lilly (or the peony)
3 yr old's fall impressions!
baby hands holding your heart
bisque choices
watching you drink that espresso
open your eyes!
colorful candlestick elements
secrets and soy
cool fall outside, hot tea inside
dotted breakfast (by 2 yr old!)
giving you my heart
espresso cup for meyer optik
shauna's yellow-to-green cup
puffy paint under colored dots
coral glass bowl
preparing owls
the owls have landed
glass fusing bits-n-pieces
some selections
sparkly confetti glass
glass coasters waiting to be fired
sunrise over glass garden
teacher gift
croup creators
ladies' night w/chocolate fondue mmh
come paint with us, it's fun!




Untere Geerenstrasse 2

8600 Dübendorf








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13 -18:30

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